How to Hide GB WhatsApp Online Status? Top 05 Amazing Tricks

How to Hide GB WhatsApp Online Status? Top 05 Amazing Tricks

GB WhatsApp Online If you are wondering how to hide your online status in GBWhatsApp, then keep reading to know.

You can delete your last seen and hide your online status in modified versions of the app. These modifications are easy to install and use, and you will be able to hide the online status of all your contacts without changing the settings on your phone. There are a few simple steps you can take to keep your online status private.

How to Hide Online Status in GB WhatsApp?

Fortunately, there are several ways to modify your GBWhatsApp settings to hide your online status, including using the web version of the app. However, the use of the web version is limited in terms of customizing your online status. To make this possible, you need to install plugins.

Hide your online status in GB WhatsApp enables you to hide your current status from contacts by removing the blue tick, which shows when you have received the message. If you want to remain anonymous, you can also turn off the last seen option. However, this will not prevent people from seeing your Last Seen status unless you are preventing them from doing so. By default, GB WhatsApp shows your online status to everyone.

How do I hide on GBWhatsApp?

First launch GB Whatsapp and tap on the three-dots present on the top right side.
In the menu look for “Hide Online Status”

How can I hide GB on WhatsApp without archive?

Install the whatsapp app on your phone and open it by logging with your number. Select the chat and click to the hide chat options by tapping the three-dot. Now, choose a lock type pattern,pin or fingerprint lock according to your choice. Put the password then the chat will be hidden.

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Other GB WhatsApp Chat Features

Another feature of the revamped GBWhatsApp app is the ability to view and delete deleted stories. This feature comes in handy when you are deleting large files. It also shows your most frequently contacted contacts.

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To view statistics for a particular message, you can swipe it to the left or tap the Info button. Then, you can silence chatting friends and groups by muting them or disabling their audio and video capabilities. Along with this, one should go for a GB WhatsApp update on time to get these features.

You can also disable your online status on GBWhatsApp by installing a third-party app. While the free version allows you to hide your online status, third party apps allow you to customize the app further. These apps are often designed to hide your online status and provide more features. And they are the best option to keep yourself anonymous on GB WhatsApp. You can make GBWhatsApp show offline to all your contacts or some but not others.

Disable last seen in GBWhatsApp

Luckily, there are a few ways to block Last Seen status from others. While the official WhatsApp app does not offer this feature, you can go for a GB WhatsApp download so that you can enjoy this feature. This version of WhatsApp does not appear in the Google Play Store and can only be downloaded as an APK file from the file-sharing website.

By installing this modification your WhatsApp application will restart automatically. This will prevent the Last Seen feature from showing up the last time you were online. If you are concerned about privacy issues, you can also disable the “Read Receipt” feature. You don’t have to worry about your phone showing the wrong time when people message you. After Last Seen status is disabled, everyone will see that you are online, but they will not know when you were last seen online.

If you are concerned about privacy, Last Seen Status on GBWhatsApp has been a matter of privacy concern for many people. Disabling Last Seen Status on GBWhatsApp is one way to ensure that your contacts can’t see your online status – or even your status! By disabling Last Seen status, your contacts will no longer be able to see your profile picture or read your stories. The process is simple: just open the app, tap a chat, and then select Block in the lower left corner.


In addition to removing the “last seen” notification, GB WhatsApp will also offer a way to disable the last seen status on your phone. By disabling it on your phone, you can limit the “last seen” status to only certain contacts. This way, you can limit the number of people who can see your message and thus prevent spamming and unwanted messages.

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