How to earn money from Google Web story? 1000 USD Per Month

How to earn money from Google Web story? 1000 USD Per Month

In recent times, Google Web Story is very much in trend and almost all bloggers are working on Google Web Story. Let us tell you that Google Web Story is a product of Google itself, which has been made to make the information of a website accessible to as many people as possible.

But do you know how to earn money from Google Web Story? If not then you must read this post completely. Because in today’s post I am going to tell you in detail what is Google Web Story and how you can earn money from Google Web Story?

What is Google Web Story?

Google Web Story is a tool from Google launched sometime back, with the help of which any person can create Visual Stories. For example, when you open the Google app, when you come down there, you see some stories, these are called Google web stories.

It is similar to Instagram story. Visitors coming from just Google Web Story are organic and the traffic that comes from Instagram is called Social Traffic. If you are a blogger then you must know what is organic traffic? And what is social traffic?

How to earn money from Google Web story?
How to earn money from Google Web story?

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Although Google had launched this feature a long time ago, but just a few months ago bloggers are taking great advantage of this feature and bringing traffic to their blog.

Along with this, you can also earn very well from Google Web Story, but for this you must have the right knowledge, which I will give you further.

As I told you above it is similar to Instagram story. You can create Stories using Photos and Text in Google WebStory and link to any Blog, Youtube Channel, Product etc. I hope you now know what is Google Web Story?

Benefits of creating Google Webstory :-

• By creating a Google Web Story, you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog and website, that too in a very short time. I have seen many such blogs on which traffic is coming from 50,000 to 1,00,000 per day.

• With the help of Google Web Story, you can earn very well even if you do not have a blog. How to earn money from google web story? I have given this information to you further.

• Visitors coming through Google Web Story are counted in Organic Traffic. Because of which even if an Ads Network (Adsense) is used on your blog, your account will not be disabled.

• With the help of Web Story, very good traffic can be brought to the post. In such a situation, if one of your posts is not ranking in the search engine, then you can also boost your post by bringing traffic from the web story, which will improve the ranking of your post.

• Google always brings some updates for the visitors and as you all know, it has not been a long time since the Google Web Story feature came. In such a situation, Google is giving a lot of reach on “web story” and is promoting almost all the stories.

• If you have a WordPress blog, then you can also create a web story for your blog and for your information, let me tell you that Google Web Story is absolutely free.

Google Web Story Guidelines in English :-

• You must create at least five slides. Only then will you be able to take advantage of the Google Discover feature.

• All the images you have used while creating Google Web Story should be of high resolution.

• No copyrighted images or photos should be used in Google Web Story.

• While creating the post, keep in mind that the title of the story should be less than 90 words.

• You are not allowed to use more than 280 words in the story.

• Explain the information being told in Google Web Story in step by step slides.

• On the other hand, if you believe me, then at most you should make 15 slides.

• Created Google Web Story in Portrait Mode and not Landscape Mode.

• You don’t have to use too many links in your web story. Use links only as often as necessary. For this, you can put a link in every third slide.

• Do not upload anything that is wrong in Google Web Story.

How to make Google Web Story?

As far as i know google is working for wordpress only a little bit now. Now in such a situation, for those who are working on or any other platform, there will be no benefit from Google Web Story.

Now I am telling you these things from my experience because my blog is also on and I have put 16 web story so far. Even then I am not getting any traffic.

And at the same time people working on WordPress are getting 50,000, 1 lakh traffic per day from a web story. If any of you are such people who are getting traffic from Web Story on the blog made on, then by commenting below, inform us about it too.

By the way, if your blog is also on and you feel that traffic can be taken from the web story, then you can try and tell me if you get the benefit.

Right now you will know how to create Google Web Story for WordPress? So for this you follow the steps given below.

wordpress, web, design-581849.jpg

Step 1: First of all login to your WordPress admin panel. After this you have to come to the section of Plugins.

Step 2: After this you get two plugins to create a web story. First Google Web Stories and second Make Stories, you can use anyone you want.

Step 3: When the plugin is installed, then you have to activate it.

Step 4: After the plugin is activated, now you have to click on Stories and after clicking on Stories, you will see the option of Dashboard there, click on it.

Step 5: After this the option of Create New Story will appear in front of you, click on it. Now you can make any story as per your wish, if you are facing any problem in making a constrained story, then you can watch the tutorial of YouTube. After the web story is ready, now all you have to do is click on the publish button.

If you are using Rank Math Plugin then you will see the sitemap of Google Web Story there. You have to copy it and submit it in the Sitemap section of your Google Search Console. So that your web story will be indexed in Google.

By using the mentioned methods, you can create google web story very easily and now you must have come to know that how to make google web story?

How to earn money from Google Web Story?

Now comes the main issue that what is Google Web Story se paise kamane ka tarika? So for this, I have told you some special methods here, using which you can earn very well from Google Web Story and many people are earning in lakhs using these methods right now.

Earn Money with Adsense in Web Story

If you are looking for ways to earn money from Google Web Story, then the easiest way is Google Adsense. Google Web Story lets you enable ads by entering your Google Adsense code in the story.

If you have used any of the plugins mentioned above, the option to enter the Adsense code is given in all. You can pick up the code from your ad network and put it in the section of the web story.

Apart from this, if you do not have the approval of Adsense, then you can use any good ad network according to your mind.

After ads are enabled, whenever a person clicks on your story, they will see AIDS and when ads are clicked then you will earn. By using this method, you can earn very well from Adsense.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in Google Web Story

It is very easy to do affiliate marketing through Google Web Story and you can earn more from affiliate marketing than from Google Adsense. In Affiliate Marketing, if you tell about a product in your blog and give a link to it, then there are chances that people will buy from your link.

And whenever a person makes a purchase from your given link then you are given some percentage of commission. In such a situation, as I have told you, a lot of traffic comes from Google Web Story at the same time. With this you can get an idea of ​​how much you can earn from affiliate marketing.

To earn from affiliate marketing, you can join any good affiliate program like Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, Ebay Partner Program etc.

At the same time, I would like to tell for your information that if Google refuses to give any affiliate link in “Web Story”, then you should avoid doing so.

To earn from Affiliate Marketing, first you have to bring traffic to your blog from Web Story and from that traffic you can earn from Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to know what is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn from it? So you can read this post written by us in detail.

Earn Money From Blog With The Help Of Web Story

If you have a blog on which AdSense approval has been received, then in such a situation, you can earn very well by bringing traffic from Google Web Story. I have seen many bloggers who do not earn due to lack of traffic on their blog.

If you pay good attention to the web story, then in a very short time you can bring a lot of traffic to your blog and the more traffic you get, the more your earning will be.

To bring traffic from Web Story, you should give a little information about a post in your web story and put a link to that post in the last.

So that if someone wants to know in detail on that topic, then they will definitely come to your blog. At the same time, once you start getting traffic from the web story, then the Discover Tab will be enabled in Google Search Console.

After getting traffic to the blog through post, if you have done Ads placement properly then your earning will also be very high. I have given you information about how to create a web story for WordPress.

Earn Money With The Help Of Course

In today’s time, there are many people who are earning very well by selling their courses online and if you are also one of those who have created a course but are not earning much from it, then you can go to Google Web. With the help of story, you can sell your course and earn very good money.

You have to use the link of the blog or website you have created to sell the course in your web story.

It is similar to affiliate marketing in a way. In Affiliate Marketing, you get commission by selling other’s product and from here you earn on selling your product.

If you know how to make a good video, then you can also send your course through video. Simply speaking, you can earn in any way. Just keep in mind that if you are giving a direct link to a product, then your web story will not go to Discover.

How to earn money from Google Web Story? Would you have known?

By using the above mentioned methods, you can earn money from Google Web Story very easily but you have to take care of some things like theme of your blog should be responsive, there should be no error on the page etc.

Many times it happens that when a visitor comes to the blog, he does not see everything correctly and in such a situation, Google considers it wrong and also down the ranking of your post.

So I hope you have liked the information given in today’s post “Google Web Story Se Paise Kaise Kamaye” and if you like to read similar informative posts then you can bookmark our blog in your browser. . So that you can read our latest new posts first.

On the other hand, if you have any question related to the post “What Is Google Web Story in Hindi” or have any suggestion, then you can comment below. Apart from this, if you really liked today’s post, then do not forget to share it with your friend relative or any family.

FAQs On Web Story 1000 USD Per Month

How can I earn money by making a website?

Affiliate Marketing (.. and Affiliate Links) …
“Pay Per Click” Advertising (Google Adsense) …
Sell Ad Space. …
Sell Your Own Digital Product (E-Book for Example) …
Accept Donations From Visitors. …
Sell Sponsored Posts (…but Use Nofollow Tag) …
Generate ‘Leads’ for Other Companies.

How many views do you need to make money on a website?

As a rule of thumb, a website needs at least 50 page views per day to be profitable. You can get hosting for a new website for as little as $2-3 per month, so profit isn’t too hard of a metric to hit for a new site. Most new websites are monetized with Google AdSense.

Which type of website is best for earning?

A good old fashioned eCommerce website is still one of the very best ways for websites to make money. In reality, eCommerce is a wildly popular way to sell physical and digital products of any sort online. There are a ton of tools available to help you build an eCommerce site and make money.

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