How to earn money from Google Play Store? ₹1000 per day

How to earn money from Google Play Store? ₹1000 per day

If you use Android Smartphone then you must have known about Google Play Store. From Google Play Store, we can download any App or Game of our choice very easily in one click.

Along with this, you also get the option to buy any app or game on Google Play Store which many people use. But do you know that you can easily earn very well with the help of Google Play Store sitting at home?

Yes, many of you may not believe that money can be earned from Google Play Store too. You just need the right information, which I am going to give you in today’s post.

So if you want to know how to earn money from Google Play Store? So stay in this post till the last. {How To Earn Money From Google Play Store in English}

What is Google Play Store?

What is Google Play Store in Hindi : Play Store is a product of Google which has been made for Android users. With the help of this, any person can easily download the games and apps on the Play Store from his Android Smartphone.

Along with this, as I have told you above, there are many such applications and games on Google Play Store which are Paid. That is, you have to pay their charge to install them.

How to earn money from Google Play Store? ₹1000 per day
How to earn money from Google Play Store? ₹1000 per day

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However, almost all the apps and games used by a common person are absolutely free and anyone can download them. These apps and games are created and published by some developer with the help of coding.

According to the recent report of Google, there are about 50,00,000 apps on the Play Store, which is increasing very fast with time.

How to earn money from google play store?

How To Earn Money From Google Play Store in Hindi: Well, in today’s article, I am going to tell you two ways to earn money from Google Play Store. But if you are thinking that you will be able to earn money directly from Google Play Store, then nothing like this is going to happen.

To earn money from Play Store, either you have to publish on Play Store by making your app or getting it done by any developer or you can earn money through Apps available on Play Store.

If you do not understand how to earn money from Google Play Store, then definitely read this article completely.

Earn money by publishing your own app on Play Store

If you are getting information from Google Play Store with the desire to earn a lot of money, then earning money by publishing your own app would be the best option for you. Because in this way you can earn more.

Now if you have a good knowledge of coding and can create more than one app, then you will not even have to invest a lot of money and your earnings will also be very high. On the other hand, if you do not have knowledge of coding and you cannot create an app, then you will have to hire a developer.

You can tell your requirements to the developer as per your wish, what type of app you want to build and the developer will charge you for it. To make a good app, you should hire an experienced developer.

At the same time, before giving work to any developer, you must see their previous work, which apps they have already made and how are they? Once your apps start getting download, then you can earn in many ways which I will tell you further.

Make Money With Google AdWords

Google AdWord is a product of Google itself, but to earn money from it, you will have to invest a little in the initial time. Actually Google AdWord gives you this facility that you can reach your created product to as many people as possible through ads.

In such a situation, if you have made any product, whether it is any kind of product like eBook, Book, Shopping Website, Course etc., then you can earn very well using Edward, that too from your home.

To earn from Google AdWords, first you have to promote your product. For which you have to create an AdWord account. Google AdWords Account can be created online very easily. If you want to know in detail on this then comment below.

The same Google gives you another facility that when you invest your ₹ 2000 in Google Adword, Google gives you ₹ 2000 more as a bonus.

So that you can show your ad to as many people as possible. Digital marketers are earning very well in the present time by using this method and you can too. But for this first you have to learn everything well.

Earn Money With Google Pay

Few years after the introduction of online payment facility in India, now almost all people use online payment type like google pay, phone pay etc. In such a situation, if you are also one of those who use Google Pay for online payment?

So I would like to tell you that you can take great advantage of Google Pay App.

On the other hand, if you have not used the Google Pay app yet but do online transactions, then download this app from Google Play Store now and take advantage of all the features.

Let us tell you that Google Pay App gives you ₹ 51 on every referral which you can easily transfer to your bank account. Now think for yourself, if you get 10 of your friends to download this app through your link, then how much money will you get.

Along with this, Google Pay also keeps giving you rewards. To take advantage of the rewards, you have to go to Rewards of your app and all the offers will be visible there, which you can take advantage of. Google Pay is a very good option to earn a little money through Google.

Conclusion (How to make money from Google?)

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