How to check airtel data? 2022 – (How to see MB in Airtel Sim)

How to check airtel data? 2022 –  (How to see MB in Airtel Sim)

Even though at present the number of people using Jio company’s SIM card in our India is very high, but the number of people using Airtel company’s SIM card is also not less. In today’s post, we will learn how to easily check Airtel data from your phone. In a way, there is always a competition between Jio and Airtel to give better service.

Both the companies pay special attention to their better internet service because the number of people using smartphones and computers/laptops in India has become very high. In such a situation, it is obvious that those people must also be running the Internet.

In such a situation, good DATA PLAN has been launched by Airtel at cheap prices to make its hold on those same people. Despite this, some people always worry that how much MB is left in Airtel or how much data is left in Airtel.

How to check airtel data ?

Through this article, we are going to tell you different ways to see the remaining data of airtel, in which you will know how to see remaining mb of airtel through ussd code, as well as you will also get information about how to use airtel thanks application.

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How to check data plan via Whatever methods we are going to tell in this article, they work in most of the major cities of India. However, let us also tell you that sometimes due to technical issues, mobile operator companies can change their USSD code. That’s why you have to use the latest USSD code only.

How to see MB in Airtel Sim ?

The easiest way to know the data balance available in Airtel SIM card is to turn on mobile internet data in your smartphone and after 1 minute turn off mobile internet data.

By doing this, a popup message will appear on your screen, in which you will see the information of the used data and the remaining data. Apart from this you can check airtel net balance online.

For this, you can also use Airtel’s Thanks application, as well as use airtel balance check ussd code. Below we are telling you about both these methods, so that you can know what is the number to check the internet data balance of Airtel.

Step 1: To see the remaining MB of Airtel or to know the remaining data of Airtel, you have to dial *121# number through your phone.

Step 2: After dialing the number, you will see different types of options on your screen, which will be something like this.








8: DTH



Step 3: From the above mentioned option, you have to choose the second option. For this you have to press 2 with the help of KEYPAD.

Step 4: Now you will see some options again on your screen, which will be as follows.

  • Main Balance
  • Internet Data Balance
  • Expiry Date

We have to know the 4G internet data balance here, so we will press the second button and after that when we click on the send key button, then immediately after that you will also see the balance of 4G internet data on your screen as well as when the data expires.

It will also be visible and you will also see the information about how much MB is left. In this way, by dialing *121# through your phone, you can get information about the main balance of your airtel sim card, as well as information of 2G internet data, 3G data balance and 4G data balance,

As well as your internet You can also get information about when the plan is expiring. Let us also tell you here that the number or option of checking the balance can change at any time. That is why you have to be aware of the number of the balance option.

so that you can type the same number. Below we have also given you some codes to check airtel balance, which you can use.

  • Airtel 2G Internet Balance Check Code: *123 *10 #
  • Airtel 3g internet balance check code: *123*11#
  • Airtel 4G Internet Balance Check Code: *121*8#

How to View MB from Airtel Thanks App

Airtel Thanks App

Airtel Thanks app is launched by Airtel company, which is available on Google play store, as well as airtel apk file is also available on internet which can give you information about your remaining data. Follow the below mentioned procedure to check data balance through airtel thanks app.

Step 1:-  First of all go to google play store and type and search airtel thanks application by clicking on the given search box, after that install airtel thanks application on your smartphone by pressing the INSTALL key button and after that open the application Do it.

Step 2:- After the application is opened, enter your phone number in the specified space and login after passing the OTP verification.

Step 3:- After login, you have to look in the upper side, there you will see the information about the daily data, how much data is left as well as the validity of the data plan, as well as the recharge plan.

Here let us also tell you that to see or know the remaining MB of Airtel, you can also take the help of Airtel’s official website.

Airtel’s official website :-


By visiting this, you will be logged in by entering your phone number in the specified place as well as doing OTP verification.

By doing this, you will see the balance information in the account section, where information about the data used, information about the remaining data will be shown.

And you will also know the information about when your internet plan is expiring.

(Conclusion, Lasts words)

I hope that you have liked this article of mine very much and with the help of this article, you must have got information about How to check airtel data. In this article, we have tried to tell you every information related to How to check airtel data, using simple language.

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